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Heirloom Basil Pesto Vegan Kale Chips

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When the sun is high and the summer garden is pouring over with bounty, it is time to gather basil for pistou. We take our pistou, fresh with basil and garlic from Capay Valley's Riverdog Farm, and toss it with kale and sunflower seeds before low-temperature dehydration. What results is a delightful chip that touches memory and fantasy and energizes our bodies with pure, raw, summer sun. 

A little bite of a little chip and one is transported to a picnic in the French countryside where deep and pure are the words du jour. Like the sauce with which it is decked, this energizing chip can be enjoyed solo as a snack or added to any and every dish for a ephemeral hit of summer.

100% Organic Ingredients: Kale, Sunflower Seeds+, Basil, Olive Oil, Garlic, Lemon Juice, Thyme, Nutritional Yeast, Himalayan Sea Salt


Paleo & GAPS Diet Friendly